Thursday, March 8, 2012

Help Fix Fatao's Heart

This beautiful boy is six year old  Abdoul Fatao. 

He lives in poverty with his family in Burkina Faso Africa. 

Fatao has a heart defect that he has suffered with since age 1. There is no treatment option in Burkina Faso. 

His family recently registered Fatao with Compassion International’s Child Development Center through a local church.  One of the services Fatao receives as a Compassion child is medical examinations. During his first visit, his heart condition was rediscovered and diagnosed.

The most wonderful news is that there is hope now for this little boy!   -- Heart Surgery

The bad news is that for this particular surgery to take place, Fatao will need to travel to India. The cost for the surgery, travel expenses and follow up care is $23,000.

Compassion International is stepping up to help this little boy have a chance at life, but they can’t do it alone.  They need our help to pay for the surgery that Fatao so desperately needs.

Sadly, Fatao's parents are not able to travel with him to India for this surgery.  This is a heartbreaking situation but Compassion want to make sure that Fatao receives an overflow of encouragement through his journey to healing.  So when someone gives online they will have the opportunity to write a letter of encouragement to Fatao and this letter will be read to him before his surgery.

What an incredible opportunity for the Church to come together and bless Fatao and his family, not only financially but also with the encouragement that we are asked to pour out everyday through the Holy Spirit.

If you can’t contribute please join me in praying for this precious little boy.

Any money raised in addition to the $23,000 for Fatao’s surgery will be used to pay for similar surgeries for other children in our sponsorship program.

Follow Fatao's Journey

For the first time ever, Compassion International are bringing you the opportunity to follow along. Follow Fatao's journey of healing over on the blog.
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